With a little help from our friends... Ghost Horse Designs was created

Ghost Horse Designs is Surf meets Southwest's very own in house label which was launched through our store last year. We wanted to start offering some extra special products straight from our heart using some of our favourite materials, leather, feathers, turquoise...
When sourcing creaters for our new label Ghost Horse Designs our very first stop was was someone who is very close to our hearts and has a story to tell. 
This lady recently told me that she believed that sometimes people's spirits reach out across the world and connect!
Terri is definitely one of our favourite suppliers here at Surf meets Southwest. Terri was pregnant with her 3rd child, living in Alaska in Eagle River and woke up one morning and went to a craft store! "I just started making things! I never knew how I knew how to make them I just felt this strong feeling and I guess I was being guided!" she explained. "I have dreams often and I wake up and just make something!"
Terri has been told by the elders of her Choctaws tribe in Oklahoma that she has very strong medicine!. "They call me Red hawk woman. I have a scar on my arm that looks like a Hawk and hawks are always around me where ever I live!" Terri's parents were full blood, so she comes from a long line of Natives!
We are proud and honoured to share her work.



Meet Terri...