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Surf Meets South West (article) September 25th 2015.

When busy Sunshine Coast mum, Teena Osmond decided to open an innovative little boutique store, tucked away in the heart of glorious Noosa, she had no experience in retail at all. The vision she had in mind was a colourful marriage between her creative heart and her business brain.

Teena shares the moment the penny dropped. “I had a feeling for some time that there was an idea coming but couldn’t quite figure out what it was. One day I drove past an empty shop site in Noosa and in that moment, the name, the logo, the concept… the idea I was waiting on finally made sense.”

 This flash of inspiration launched Surf Meets Southwest, a distinctive and vibrant space that brings together an ingenious fusion of coastal rustic beauty and Southwest Americana.

“One day I realised the Native way of life and the life I grew up with, living off the land as a child, were so very similar. The simple nature of both lifestyles and the awareness that the land was allowing us to survive, was very moving. It made sense that all of the things I loved, watching my eldest son in the surf, the Southwest, and the textures and smells I craved as an adult, could be combined to create a special place to just go and be”.

Teena’s distinct logo design, a single lone star and the head of a longhorn was also a bit of magic waiting to happen. The day she saw the little shop front in Noosa, the two images popped into her head. She describes her childhood memories of the starry country night sky and falling in love with the long horn image after seeing it one day on an episode of Walker Texas Ranger.

“There was a moment when he was wearing his Star Ranger Badge and standing beside a longhorn. As corny as it sounds, those two images together made sense so much sense. I still smile when I think of that image”.

On the surface, one would imagine that this clash of cultures and design would be at loggerheads, but Surf Meets South West hits the mark to deliver a concept that feels fresh and spontaneous. The store’s success has continued to blossom into an in-house fashion label, called Ghost Horse Designs.

While still in its infancy, Teena describes the label as being for people who really love and understand simple pieces and textures made with heart and soul. Ghost Horse specialises in one-off, hand-made goods including leather, textiles and metals, created by independent artists who imbue each of precious piece with love and pride. She says, “The products have real meaning and really reflect who we are”. Surf Meets Southwest is about evoking feelings, and stirring something inside of people, and the Ghost Horse label was conceived to reflect this sentiment.

It would appear that Surf Meets Southwest has captured a vision that puts it right on trend, and delighted customers often ask if there are plans to open shops in other states. However, Teena prefers to stick to the simple things.

“For me, what makes the Surf Meets Southwest experience so special is that it is unique. We will continue to have our beautiful Noosa shopfront while we work on Ghost Horse Designs and offer our products on line. When we receive an online order we are excited to give the customer a great experience. We want them to feel the Surf Meets Southwest love, even if they can’t get into the store”.

To share the love at Surf Meets Southwest visit our online store at or pop by and pay us a visit at 4b/1 Gibson Road
Noosaville QLD.