Reflections ♥

A few of our favourite Facebook moments of the past...
FACEBOOK POST - 17th July 2015
She always had that about her, that look of otherness, of eyes that see things
much too far and of thoughts that wander off the edge of the world.
- Joanne Harris 


FACEBOOK POST - July 2, 2014
I'm very excited to share this... Feels right to do...
Would you like to win this dress for your wedding?
I was lucky enough to have this dress made for me before my November wedding last year. Last minute, as often happens I hear with brides, I changed my mind and went with another dress. This amazing Grace Loves Lace dress has been worn once only for this photo shoot. The time is now right for someone who needs this dress to have it.
How... well in true Surf meets Southwest style it is going to come down to your story. Tell us why you would like this dress, tell us about the person you are going to marry... tell us your story. We will announce the winner of this dress at the end of the month.
This dress is a size 12 although can easily be made smaller, larger due to the seems and the stretchy nature of the lace.
Good luck Teena xx


FACEBOOK POST - 2nd September 2015 

I went searching just now for a reminder, for some perspective on my own day. I faced a few challenges but who didn't today right? I found this from one of my favourite humas ever... Michael, even before you knew you had your physical challenges you inspired me. Thank you for doing it again today.


FACEBOOK POST - 24th July 2016 

A rare moment where I show myself instead of focusing on our beautiful Surf meets Southwest. This day I felt so proud of what we had all accomplished so my smile was so very real and I felt it from the bottom of my fringed western boots. My hope for you all is that you have many moments in time that feel like this day felt for me. Life is short. Make memories, always with the underpinning message about love. Love who you are with, love what you do. Accept your imperfections and just let go. Teena xx