The Wild Brumby

The Wild Brumby

February 23, 2017

Look what I found today…

I was 14, passionate about horses and was learning about creative writing at school. You can kind of tell I had fallen in love with adjectives as I use so very many of them in this story. :) It seems my love of trying to create a feeling, to describe a scene in detail was always in me. This story being published in the Brisbane newspaper was a very big moment in my life at the time. I remember writing out the story in my neatest handwriting, waiting until we went into town so that I could mail it away to the newspaper. Weeks and weeks went by and eventually I forgot about it. Then one Sunday… there it was in print.

How beautiful to discover this today and know that I am still the same person only now a woman instead of a young girl. I’m still dreaming, still creating and still in love with the idea that humans can listen to their hearts and do the right thing.

Teena x

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